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Then use my surefire JV strategies to promote your product the right way.
Have you sold as many copies of your ebook as you deserve? Once you've created your ebook you've done the most difficult work. After all that work isn't it a crying shame to sell
yourself short?
What if I told you that beginners video and simple cut and paste promotion can result in a 2872% increase in product sales? Does that sound unlikely? Well that's exactly what happened to me. Here's my story...

How I turned my lame duck ebook into a multimedia moneyspinner
In 2008 I launched my first downloadable ebook. It contained details on a genuinely original method of eBay arbitrage that was making me good profits. The ebook was called The 60 Second Secret. I wrote and designed my product and sales page and got three internet marketers to sell it with me. I was set for success – or so I thought. Problem. The 60 Second Secret tanked. My ebook was a 100% gold plated Clickbank clunker.

Fast forward to 2010. Having learnt a lot about how I went wrong I made plans to relaunch my ebook. I renamed it The Auction Arbitrage Secret, which definitely made more sense than The 60 Second Secret. Good start. eBay changes fast, and the ebook needed some updating. But around 90% of the information was still relevant, and stayed exactly the same.

I thought about the different methods we now use to consume information and how The Auction Arbitrage Secret deserved to be more than an ebook. It took me just two hours to create an audio version from the 59 page PDF. I then put a basic video with it, the computer equivalent of watching a whiteboard presentation in school or college. That took four hours. Then I realised how easy it was to make the video available in iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac formats. Another hour later and in less than a day I had transformed ye olde ebook into a brand spanking new multimedia product.

Since this is so easy, isn't it commonplace? Not at all. To my knowledge I’m the first Clickbank marketer to provide a product in multiple different video formats. But not the last! Other marketers are now following suit.

But the extra effort would've meant nothing without my JV Maximizer promotion. This time I
wanted to promote properly. I used a devastatingly simple email campaign to net no less than twelve top super affiliates. I'm using exactly the same methods to promote now, and I'll use them in future too — because they work.

In just three months I got these amazing results. In comparison with my first ebook, The Auction Arbitrage Secret achieved a:

23% decrease in refunds
947% increase in subscriber opt ins
...and counting!

For the next two months I condensed my successes into an easy to copy formula. I call it

Clickbank Profit Maximizer
If you've not sold as many ebooks as you should be doing, apply my fast creation methods and you'll have your own multimedia product in a day.
And remember, the Maximizer Method is all from beginners video and simple cut and paste promotion.

I'm sure your head's full of questions about Clickbank Profit Maximizer. Questions like:

"How much is this all going to cost me?"
All programs needed are free, except for three software programs that have 30 day fully functioning free trials. That's more than enough time to get you up and running with a complete product makeover. Quality video content photographs are also available free. However, for this page's sales video I wanted something particularly special - so I paid just $35 for some of the images you've seen.
you ca

My promotional strategies won't cost you a penny. No complex SEO, no costly PPC, everything else is totally free.

"What else will I need?"
You'll need your computer, a standard microphone headset and an internet connection. That's it.

"I haven't a clue how to go about making a video. Where do I start?"
I'll give you full step by step instructions on how to master these software programs. It doesn't have to be fast moving and flashy, but it does have to be video if you want to maximize your product quality and sales results.

"How will The One Day Multimedia Makeover help me?"
Your customers want a choice of formats to compliment their busy lives. They consume information in a variety of ways: listening, reading, watching... on iPods, iPhones, iPads, PCs and more. Once your video has been created it's not difficult to give your customers these options, it's one click push button easy! And they will thank you for it.

The results are:
Your product instantly has a higher value which means
You can charge more for it
You get less refunds

Make your multimedia version free to previous buyers so that
You generate customer goodwill
You pave the way for your next big profit product promotion, another multimedia product of course!

"I'm no Internet Marketer. How will your strategies help in my niche?"
My methods can have even more success in non IM niches. That's because most other niches are naturally less marketing savvy than the IM niches, making it easy for you to
dominate your niche and overtake your competition. Whatever your product's about: video gaming, golf, make-up tips, dating, anything, you'll sell it better with Clickbank Profit Maximizer. And if your ebook is related in any way to ecommerce products, I've got some killer strategies that most people never use to really skyrocket your sales.

Still not convinced that you need Multimedia? Don't take my word for it...
An independent study by The Wharton School Of Business in Pennsylvania reports that
People have a 51% better understanding of a product or subject through video.
Video helps people reach a buying decision in 70% less time than a text only sales page.
People are 70% more likely to buy from you if you use video!

OK. Here's exactly what you'll get from Clickbank Profit Maximizer:
No Product? No Problem!
Newbies: this is the fast track guide to your own ebook — but the great content creation advice will benefit advanced sellers too.

One Day Multimedia Makeover
I'll show you how to transfer your ebook to audio and video fast. Let your customers listen on their MP3 player or watch on their computer, iPad or iPhone. Watching video whilst listening is the most effective way for your buyer to receive your information. With my easy to follow instructions most ebooks of 50 - 100 pages can be fully upgraded to multimedia products with less than a day's work.

Sales Video Maximizer
Fact: If you've not got a video on your sales page you're missing out on sales. Imagine the increase in impact when your site visitors aren't just reading, they're watching and listening too. Follow my simple instructions and see your sales go through the roof. And once you've created your product video, a short sales video is a breeze.

JV Maximizer
You've maximized your product value, now you can now promote it properly. My joint venture strategies will ensure that you partner with the top super affiliates in your niche. Work with my simple cut and paste templates to get better JV partners than you ever thought possible. I'll help you to train your super affiliates by giving them your best promotional content and strategies to approach their subscribers.

And it doesn't stop there...
You'll also get my cutting edge advice on copywriting and list building to further increase your sales figures and subscribers. And this product includes


I won't insult your intelligence by throwing loads of cheap ebooks at you. There's only one extra on this offer — but it's something special...

My Office Email Address $197 VALUE
If you need any advice or assistance with any aspect of Clickbank Profit Maximizer just email me and I'll help you.

There's enough information in Clickbank Profit Maximizer to base a high cost course on. But I'm not going to charge you $997 for this information. Or even $497. The cost of Clickbank Profit Maximizer is only...

Don't undersell your info product — click the Add To Cart button to buy now!

To your success...

Pete Bruckshaw.


Your product will be delivered immediately after you order in the following formats: 78 page PDF ebook (requires Adobe Reader), MP3 audio files, MP4 and M4V video files.

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